Data. Vis. Dev.

Data. Vis. Dev.

Hi, I'm Kristin Baumann - Data Visualization Developer & Frontend Developer.

I code custom engaging, interactive data visualizations and websites.

Available for freelance projects.

Selected Clients

Kristin Baumann's client Boston UniversityKristin Baumann's client Stripe companyKristin Baumann's client Karlsruhe Institut für Technologie KIT universityKristin Baumann's client Spiegel media company

What I can do for you

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Data Visualization

I specialize in coding custom, interactive data visualizations for the web. I use D3.js, React, Svelte and other tools to create visualizations that help people understand complex data.

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Web Development

With a background as a Senior Frontend Developer, I create all kinds of web products, like websites, tool plugins, web SaaS products, and more. From the first rough prototype to the final released and maintained version.

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Programming Languages, Tools and Techniques

  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, Svelte, Vue, Gatsby, NextJS, of course HTML & CSS.
  • Data Visualization: Mainly D3, sometimes Mapbox, QGIS. NodeJS or Python for data processing.
  • Hosting / Deployment: Netlify, Vercel or Heroku.
  • Design: Figma.
  • Other: Databases, SQL, Content Management Systems, Git, Trello, Slack, ...
  • How: With tech choices depending on the problem. With strong stakeholder and expert involvement. With precise scope and deliverables. With clear expectations and content clients.

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