Data. Vis. Dev.

Data. Vis. Dev.

Hi, I'm Kristin Baumann - Data Visualization Developer & Frontend Developer.

I code custom engaging, interactive data visualizations and websites.

Available for freelance projects.

What I can do for you

Icon resembling data visualization, a rectangle with a bar chart, line chart and pie chart

Data Visualization

I specialize in coding custom, interactive data visualizations for the web. I use D3.js, React, Svelte and other tools to create visualizations that help people understand complex data.

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Web Development

With a background as a Senior Frontend Developer, I create all kinds of web products, like websites, tool plugins, web SaaS products, and more. From the first rough prototype to the final released and maintained version.

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Programming Languages, Tools and Techniques

  • Frontend: JavaScript, React, Svelte, Vue, Gatsby, NextJS, of course HTML & CSS.
  • Data Visualization: Mainly D3, sometimes Mapbox, QGIS. NodeJS or Python for data processing.
  • Hosting / Deployment: Netlify, Vercel or Heroku.
  • Design: Figma.
  • Other: Databases, SQL, Content Management Systems, Git, Trello, Slack, ...
  • How: With tech choices depending on the problem. With strong stakeholder and expert involvement. With precise scope and deliverables. With clear expectations and content clients.

Interested in working together? Let's talk!