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Interactive Rankings for the European Football Championship.

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  • Year: 2024

  • Roles: Coding

  • Tech: Svelte, SCSS

  • Client: Der Spiegel

"Wer kommt weiter?" - Who will qualify?

In this project for Der Spiegel, I coded an interactive widget for the European Football Championship to visualize the complex rules of qualifications in the group stage.

The widget shows the ranking in a group of the Euros and based on the interactive scores you can explore which teams will qualify for the next round (green), which teams will be eliminated (red) and which teams still have a chance to qualify depending on the results in other groups (gray). It was a really cool project to code, even more so with the tournament taking place in Germany and seeing so many football fans on the streets here in Berlin.

The widget was featured in several articles as well as on the homepage of Der Spiegel.

Link to Article of Group ALink to Article of Group B (To view the articles, you need a paid Spiegel subscription.)

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