Effective,visually appealing
data visualizations and websites

Effective, visually appealing data vis and websites

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Hi, I’m Kristin Baumann.

In my freelance work, I combine relevant and meaningful data with problem-focused yet appealing design and state-of-the-art programming to create effective data visualizations and websites.

After finishing my Computer Science degree, I worked in data, dev, design, and product teams around the world taking on all the different perspectives of a developer, designer, product manager, data analyst, user researcher, and team lead.

This equipped me with a proactive and collaborative mindset, a high appreciation for reliable communication, and a focus on solving problems and creating value.

Occasionally I share my experiences in conference or meetup talks.

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What I can do for you

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Data Visualization

In general, I create all kinds of data visualizations on the web for topics that I find worthwhile. My specialty is coding more complex and interactive, responsive visualizations.

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Web Development

With a background as a Senior Frontend Developer, I create all kinds of web products, like websites, tool plugins, web SaaS products, and more. From the first rough prototype to the final released and maintained version.

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Tools and Techniques

Strongly depending on the problem.
Mostly JavaScript with React. Svelte, Vue, D3, Gatsby, of course HTML, CSS.
Databases, SQL, NodeJS, Git.
Or no-code with Webflow.
Design mostly with Figma. Sometimes Procreate.
With strong stakeholder and expert involvement. With precise scope and deliverables. With clear expectations and content clients.

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